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Client Feedback

“David, once again, it’s not possible for me to express my thanks to you for making this happen. At this very moment, the dozens and dozens of people around the globe who have all tried so hard in various ways to help us make [an adopted child] part of our family are rejoicing with the news. … Thanks again for your invaluable help.” — L.W.

“As a result of all your diligent work I finally have the E1 visa. … I do not think it would be possible for an individual to put a visa application package together that is accepted so readily without the help of someone that has the knowledge and experience that you do and knows the system as well as you do. The application process proceeded without a hitch and the interviewer really had no questions to ask me. You had provided all the answers in the package that you put together.” — D.R.

“First, we wish to thank you a million for your professional service, we could not have the approval from the DHS for our brother without your great insight into a very difficult situation.” — H.M.

“You are the best. Svetlana has a visa for a year to come and go at will. The other family members’ visas will be no problem. Thank you. You make it look so easy, but I know from working in a bureaucracy it can be incredibly difficult. Thank you again.” — P.M.

“Reflecting on it all, I think you actually saved us money in the long run. … And I absolutely meant what I said about the content of our last meeting, just before the interview in Guangzhou. It represented a moment of clarity for me, where I realized that whatever your fees were, you were a bargain.” — H.C.

“Your counsel was invaluable. … Thanks for that great question ‘what’s in it for you?’ and thanks for being available when I needed help. Your guidance at my most confused moment … was critical to my success. Thanks for all of the help.” — K.B.

“So it looks like all’s well that ends well. Another David Merrell Success Story. ‘That’s right, friends, from the ashes of defeat rises the bluebird of happiness.’ Thanks again for your aid and assistance.” — D.V.